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Jul 1, 2009

Mario Badescu Haul

My Mario Badescu order arrived today! I'm so excited to try these products out tonight. I first heard of MB through Risa who is known as MakeupbyRisa on YT. Currently I am using drugstore products for my cleansing routine. When we came back from our honeymoon I started getting horrible cystic pimples on my left cheek. It was the weirdest thing b/c I only broke out on the left side of my face all the way from my chin to my forehead. I figured it might have been from when I was laying out on the beach and I laid down on my towel that had all the sand & beach grime on it. It took weeks to clear up so that's where my search for a new skin care line became my obsession.

Here is what I bought:

6oz. Acne Facial Cleanser $15.00
This contains Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera & Chamomile to help heal & prevent acne.
8oz. Special Cleansing Lotion C $15.00

This is oil controlling with sulfur. It will help dry up any existing spots and give my skin a deep clean.

2oz. Special Mask for Oily Skin $18.00
This is a clay mask with Calamine for oily skin.
2oz. Drying Mask $18.00

Colloidal sulfur based mask for oily skin. Great for acne!
0.5oz. Healing Cream $15.00
I'm really excited to use this lovely product because it is advertised to prevent scars & will speed up the healing process. It is a sulfur based cream and it just sounds like the perfect product made specifically for me. :)
0.15oz. Lip Wax SPF 15 $7.00
This has vitamin E, Rose Hips, Palm Oil and SPF15. It smells yummy, goes on very smooth and feels super moisturizing on my lips.

And finally with my order I was able to choose three trial products for free. I chose the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion & Seaweed Night Cream. The Seaweed Night Cream smells absolutely lovely and the trial size includes a generous amount. I'm very excited to try all of these products and hopefully see results very soon. ^.^

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