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Jul 8, 2010

In The Groove

MAC's In The Groove collection released in stores today and there's no other way to describe it other than a hyped-up frenzy.  MAC collections always release their products on their website about two days before they're released in stores.  Last Tuesday everyone was buzzing about the repromote of Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF) Stereo Rose.  I believe it was up on their website at 8:00 AM EST.  I was able to place an order for Stereo Rose, Jazzed lipstick (another hyped up item), In the Groove & Soften the Mood.  I ordered it at 9:20 AM.  I think by 9:45 Stereo Rose was listed as sold out on the website.  It was madness.  Everyone was tweeting about how they got it or how they didn't order it on time.  It was insane.
I don't know if I'll ever receive the backordered item but I was determined to get a Stereo Rose MSF when it was released in stores today.

I ventured to the Nordstrom MAC counter first because if they didn't have it there is a MAC store right outisde Nordstrom.  If the MAC store didn't have it I could go around the corner to the Macy's counter and get one.  
Luckily I snagged the last Stereo Rose from the Nordstrom counter!  
I ended up getting Stereo Rose, Togetherness, Calm, Cool & Collected & Jazzed.

Now here are my shitty swatches.  My Samsung dual screen camera is shattered and broken so I can't adjust any settings when I take pictures.  Sorry :(  I'll be getting a new camera soon.
Stereo Rose is a coral with golden/bronze shimmering nuances.  I think it's gorgeous and it will look great on medium skin tones.

Jazzed lipstick on the left & Stereo Rose on the right.

Calm, Cool & Collected  is a cool-toned green trio featuring a grayish-white beige with satin sheen, neutral spring green, and darkened gray-green.  I absolutely love this trio!  I can't wait to wear it.
Togetherness is a cool-toned purple trio that includes a soft lilac with a satin sheen, blue-based violet purple with a frostier finish, and a mid-tone silver gray. The pigmentation here was even and rich throughout the trio.  It's gorgeous.

I'll post pictures of In the Groove & Soften the Mood when they've been delivered.  Were you able to get your hands on Stereo Rose?