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Nov 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Black Friday Haul

Every year my parents brave out the crowds on Black Friday for all the Thanksgiving sales.  I normally go with my guy later in the afternoon/early evening when the crowds have dissipated. 
The Gap had a really great deal of buy one sweater get a second sweater free so we took advantage of that. 
I popped into ULTA and they had buy 2 Essie nail polishes get 1 free.  I don’t think this was a special Black Friday promo as they always seem to have this deal whenever I’m at ULTA.  I bought Lovie Dovie, Mod Squad, & Lolipop.  I also picked up Essie’s Matte About You which is a top coat you can apply to any nail polish and it will give you a matte finish. 
Matte About You, Lovie Dovie, Mod Squad, Lolipop

I also picked up 2 Too Faced Girls Dig Pearls lip glosses.  I was telling bestie the other day that I will not buy any more lip glosses but I can’t seem to follow my own rules.  Smh
I picked up Shell and Pink Bling.  These are made using real crushed sea pearls.  It has vitamin E and peppermint extract for a slight minty taste.  It’s glossy & has a lot of shimmer but it’s not too tacky/sticky.
Shell and Pink Bling


Pink Bling

Then I ventured into MAC to check out the new Baroque Boudoir collection and to pick up Viva Glam V.  After reading Temptalia's posts on the collection I was convinced I wouldn’t haul anything but I swatched two of the lippies and I walked away with Prive.  The lipsticks in this collection are more expensive than normal MAC lipsticks but I’m happy I bought it.  I’m in love with the damask design on the tube!  :D

Viva Glam V

Swatches: Viva Glam V & Prive

For Thanksgiving I made mini pumpkin pie bites.  They were so delicious.  I was running late and had to jump into the shower so I had my guy pipe the chocolate drizzle.  It was supposed to look like this

But when I got out of the shower I went downstairs to the kitchen and found this lol!

I laughed so hard when I saw this.  I figured he must’ve gotten frustrated and impatient since the design had to be so small and intricate.  These bites wouldn’t be complete without the chocolate so I’m very proud of the huz for steppin up to the task.  :D  Doesn’t it look like plaid?  Hahaha.

Hope you lovelies had a great Thanksgiving!  Did you brave the Black Friday frenzy?

5 comments on "Thanksgiving Black Friday Haul"

Anonymous said...

Nice haul! Prive lipstick looks gorgeous ♥

Becks on November 29, 2009 at 1:34 PM said...

nice haul!! and those pies look hilarious, good job still! haha

The Jerseymooners on November 29, 2009 at 4:09 PM said...

Everything on your blog looks so awesome with your white box!

I did not partake in any Black Friday insanity, but I did shop online. A lot of places had their deals available online, which was awesome.

Can you post the recipe for the pumpkin pie butes? They look delicious- even the abstract-art ones your husband created. Sometimes I think men do things like that just so they're not asked to do them again.

Monica the Bride on November 29, 2009 at 8:09 PM said...

I may need to buy that lipstick purely because it's in a damask tube. And I love damask.

I love the way your hubby decorated the pumpkin pie bites. At least he, um, tried!

JennXOXO on November 30, 2009 at 9:46 AM said...

@Stefanie: Thanks! Prive is really nice! I'm glad I picked it up!

@Monica: I know! I totally thought of you when I saw pictures of the collection before it launched! It's so you.

@Stacy: LOL your theory is probably right! :) I got the recipe from my favorite dessert blogger: http://www.bakerella.com/pumpkin-pie-bites/

@Becks: Thanks, girl!